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Using wireframing, prototyping or simulation tools in building websites, mobile sites, or apps  – prior to design and coding – helps to envision how a site will work and look. At REEA we’ve been using  Axure RP Pro  for over 4 years and  turned out to be one of the best choices in delivering  projects. There are over 30  tools that can be used to create wireframes and interactive prototypes. A great comparison of these tools can be found on .

Reea’s UX Team has four members with different levels of experience and expertise and we prefer using Axure RP Pro because:

–  Collaboration between team members has never been easier. Whenever we have a project with a tight deadline, or a  complex prototype to deliver it is very easy for two, or even three team members to work on the same prototype. We’ve developed our own SVN server that allows stocking all shared projects and thus, team members can access the same files and work simultaneously.

– Cool visualization of requirements. No matter how technical, or abstract the requirements for a project can be, with Axure RP Pro they can be visualized in a form that everyone will understand and like.

– Facilitated communication between teams.  Designers, developers , project managers and clients speak the same language even from the start of the project. No more design changes when the website is live. Doing Usability testing even from the prototyping phase facilitates the delivery of great projects and results happy clients.

–  No technical boundaries.  Windows or OS X is not a problem anymore. No matter what operating system your team members use, Axure  RP Pro can be used by any of them. We easily deliver projects even if our clients are on different continents. Being able to share and post online projects facilitates working internationally, not just locally.

The main reason why we are organizing and participating at  Axure Training topDay 2013  is that even though all Reea’s UX team members have high level prototyping skills we all need to create project sources in the same manner, in order to diminish the time needed to finish a project started by another team member. Synchronizing  prototyping skills between team members is a good reason for more than one member of a team to participate at the Axure Training topDay 2013.  Getting your team certified for Axure Essentials and Advanced may be an investment with long term benefits. One can purchase their seat at the training by accessing the Registration page.
Daniela Ferenczi

Online Marketing Specialist / UX designer @ REEA
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