How I met my Axure

– Confession #1: Why I became a UX Designer

I’ve been working with Axure for one and a half year now without any professional backup, learning from online Web tutorials and articles and following my team leader’s advice. (who is by the way certified in Axure).
I always wanted to do something creative or something that has some connection with creativity, but God didn’t give me any innate talent. I can’t sing like P!NK, maybe I can dance a bit, I don’t know how to create sculptures or paintings, but I always felt that I have more creativity in me than the normal amount. I just needed the field where I can unfold my very hidden talents, and I also needed a tool.
My company gave me the opportunity to try myself as a UX Designer and I said: “Hmm…Maybe this is a great opportunity to find my vocation! Let’s give it a try!” And so I started, slowly, to gain knowledge related to this field and also I got to know my “working tool”, the Axure, better.
A whole new world opened up for me as I started to know more and more about Axure and I started working with it.
My first project was a not-so-complicated prototype, made with more colour than interaction. In my opinion it was not a good start, but anyway it was a start. I loved playing with the colours, with all different shapes and this first prototype gave me the direction for the upcoming projects.
I love designing for users, I love to structure and to sort a bunch of clutter into fine-defined sections and fields. I love creating interactions, making dynamic panels, creating little widgets or widget libraries which individually carry my fingerprints.
As time flew by and I got involved in quite various projects, starting from very simple wireframes to high-fidelity prototypes, I was more and more certain that I’m in the good direction.
I’ve tried several other wire framing tools, but I always stayed loyal to Axure. First of all, because I’m loyal by nature and secondly, because there was always something missing from the others. So I became familiar with Axure and thanks to that I’m always curious to find out more, to try out more and to create more.
I think the time has come to make our relationship (me and Axure) official. 😉

Imola Tabacaru

Usability Analyst/Interaction Designer @ REEA

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